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Welcome to RISA!

Welcome to RISARISA (Rhode Island Songwriters Association) is a non-profit which promotes original songwriting.

Formed in 1993, it provides access to seminars, critiques, workshops, open mics, gigs, networking and more.  Joining lets you participate in these things and do stuff (some free - some paid). Anyone can join: musician or friend.  Joining is easy----send a tiny fee and start networking---the membership card may take a few weeks (don't wait---just say you've joined).  Go see who are already members! Once you join send your picture and link.

You'll get email updates about all events (by subscribing to "risongwriters" yahoo group). You can buy stuff. It's okay, no one gets hurt in the making.

Finally, you reap what you sow -- network, help out, go to shows.  The membership fee is low, so we know your name, trust you and make you a card.  If you sit on the couch and wait for a free booking-agent to call, you will eventually need a new couch. Talk to people, email / ask about playing shows, learn, give a little bit and accept gifts.  If you're amazing and have great hair, you'll be a big star and leave us soon.  If you're talented, humble and dedicated, you'll get gigs, have fun, make money and be content. If you love music and are okay, you'll probably play some gigs (depending on all kinds of stuff) and make friends (depending on how picky you are). If you're god-awful terrible but moving about the earth ---be nice, play when you can, bring food and thank people as much as possible. Remember, nobody really knows what music is or why we do it. But we do.