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Tuesday, 25 September 2012
Written by Billy Mitchell
The Officers and Board of Directors of RISA wish to thank all of our Past Presidents and Co-chairs for their dedication to the craft of songwriting and promotion of live original music. 
Marie Wheelan, founder
John Fuzek, Co-chair 1994 
Jeff Olson, Co-chair 1994 
John Fuzek, Co-chair 1995 
Jeff Olson, Co-chair 1995 
Peter Hale, Co-chair, 1996 
Steve Valentine, Co-chair, 1996 
Jeff Olson, Co-chair, 1997 
Steve Valentine, Co-chair, 1997 
Mary Ann Rossoni. Co-chair, 1998 
Chris Myers, Co Chair 1998 
Deb Dovale, Co-chair 1999 
Dave Fontaine, Co-chair 1999 
Deb Dovale, Co-chair 2000 
Dave Fontaine, Co-chair 2000 
Mary Ann Rossoni, Co-chair 2002 
John Fuzek, Co-chair 2002 
Bill Furney, Co-chair 2003 
John Fuzek, Co-chair 2003 
John Fuzek, President 2004
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